Our Projects

e-Kalvi as an organization, we are involved in improving the quality of life of future generations purely by providing a better education to the younger generations. The organisation’s primary purpose is to provide opportunities for supplementing and continuing education outside the framework of formal educational institutions and organisations that provide educationally related services to students and schools.

Compared to the other regions in Sri Lanka, students in underprivileged areas in Northern, Eastern and Upcountry are facing much difficulty in getting a better education. We found this is due to limited availability educational resources better teachers. There are five different activities that we believe would help them to achieve their goal.

e-Kalvi Centres

Since year 2016, we have been setting up and managing several e-Kalvi centres at Tamil schools in much needed areas in Sri Lanka. At these selected schools, we provide much needed lessons out of their normal activities, for the students in Mathematics, Science and English. To help this process we also provide multimedia equipment such as laptops, tablets, laser printers, TVs, projectors and screens. University of Jaffna and Lions Club implement this activity along with volunteer teachers and volunteers from JUGA-Vic Inc.

Smart Classrooms

In addition to e-Kalvi centres, we have also been setting up and managing several smart classrooms at those selected Tamil schools in Northern, Eastern and Upcountry areas in Sri Lanka. Smart classrooms are technology-enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. We set up these smart classrooms with request from the donors, well wishers and old students associations of a particular school. To help in this activity, we provide multimedia equipments and online resources with the help from those donors and well wishers. We also have many volunteers from school communities and old students association helping us to achieve this project very successful.

USB with e-Study Materials

There are so many other schools and students where we couldn’t provide e-Kalvi centres or smart classrooms. In these situations, we provide the students with USB drives pre-loaded with all the required educational materials in accordance with the curriculum set by the Department of Education Sri Lanka, including real time teaching videos by well-known teachers in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, from which the students could learn in their own time at home using their TVs or personal computers. This helps the students to develop their self-education capability and once they finished learning, they pass these USB drives on to the next generation.

Practice Exams

We also provide resources for model examinations to those students at selected schools. The model exams help the students to stay updated, to track performance, to increase efficiency, to understand the marking system and for better revision. These model exams are conducted at schools with the supervision of their teachers. After the model examinations, the papers are marked and the reports are given to the students. This process helps the students eliminate their exam fear before sitting the actual examinations.

Online Classes

In recent years, Internet-based distance teaching has become a global trend, and software, hardware and educational training have been evolving. Nouns related to e-learning, such as online learning, distance teaching; have shown a trend of learning via Zoom. This has given e-Kalvi an idea of conducting online classes for those students from schools where it is very hard find proper teachers in their areas. This is almost a face to face learning process and we achieve this activity with the help of well known teachers from Sri Lanka and from overseas.

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