Who We Are?

The e-Kalvi charity fund is a non-profit organization formed by the Jaffna University Graduates Association of Victoria (JUGA-VIC), in Australia. Our organization aims to help schools in need across underprivileged areas in Northern, Eastern and upcountry Sri Lanka. 

We as an organization believe that improving the educational standards of underprivileged students will help to uplift the socio-economic status of these concerned communities. This e-Kalvi charity fund is managed by well experienced members of old students from different faculties of University of Jaffna.

Our current management committee 2022/2023:

President: Mr. T. Dharmakulasingam

Secretary:  Mr. V. Elango

Treasurer: Mr. B. Nesendran

Project Coordinator:  Dr. S. Senthilmohan

Vice President: Dr. S. Vasuthan

Assistant Secretary:  Mrs. S. Premi

Assistant Treasurer: Mr. K. Santhuru

Editor: Mr. V. Raveendran

Webmaster:  Mr. S. Santhakumaran

Committee Members

    1. Mr. T. Ahilaeswaran
    2. Mrs. R. Carolin
    3. Mrs. R. Daisy
    4. Mrs. B. Medini
    5. Mr. R. Narendra
    6. Mr. K. Natgunarajah
    7. Mrs. N. Rathy
    8. Mr. K. Sivarajah
    9. Mr. K. Varapirathan
    10. Mr. T. Vijayakumar